Reasons Your Roof is Leaking

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Having a leaking roof after you have spent a fortune on the interiors of your house could be any house dweller’s worst nightmare.

Before you begin the interiors of your house, it is essential that you get your foundations checked and ensure optimum quality of cement used in the construction.

Make sure your roofing shingles are attached properly and maybe you could go in for a leak test before proceeding with your interior designing.

The most common reasons why your roof could leak are:

Cracked Flashing:

Flashing are basically thin metal pieces installed under the roofing shingles on the joints of the roof to create resistance from water. This flashing can either be exposed or concealed. If exposed they appear like metal sheets on your roof and if concealed, they need to get a rubber coating on the top. If the flashing cracks it may cause leakage. The tar used to seal the flashing pieces together may corrode after some time leading to cracks in them. These cracks might further enlarge due to harsh wind or heavy rainfall.

Broken Shingles:

These are easy to spot. They may happen due to extreme harsh climatic conditions, poor quality of materials used or poorly fixed shingles. You may find broken and lose pieces of shingles lying here and there or you might even notice uneven patches in your roofing shingles. You need to replace the damaged or broken shingles with new ones to ensure that your roof doesn’t leak.

Shingle Sealing:

For the slopes and other angular sides, it is necessary that the shingles are sealed with precision on these areas. These can break due to harsh winds or heavy rainfall and poorly attached shingles. You need to check your roof slopes for wet spots to trace the leakage of the water.

Proper Vent Booting:

A vent boot is a small pipe sticking out of the roof to expel the moisture from the house. If there is a leakage from this area, you can spot is easily by looking for wet spots or damaged ceiling from this area. These have to be sealed properly using some flashing along with a tight rubber sealant.

Ice Dam Buildup:

In extreme cold climate, a ridge of snow settles at the edge of your roof preventing the snow to melt away. The ice just sits on your roof for long and this causes dampness on your ceilings. The weight of the ice damages the ceiling. Also, the heat from the attic causes some of the water to melt and reach the edges of the roof where it might refreeze. A roof rake can be of some help during such problems.

Improperly Installed Skylights:

The skylights installed in your roof might cause the leakage if they are not properly tightened with rubber sealants. This problem is easy to spot. Skylights are mostly installed by people living in scarcely populated areas.

Any of the above mentioned reasons could be causing your roofs to leak. Call an expert to repair the leakage.

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