Leave these 5 Home Repair Projects for Professionals

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Yes. This is a DIY home repair blog. But even we admit that some repairs and projects are better left for professional services. In the end, you want the job done right. Even more important, you want the job done safe.

In order to ensure this happens, there are some home repair projects we recommend you hire a professional for:


If you have an infestation in your home, we recommend you hire a professional California exterminator. This is because the chemicals necessary to eliminate insects in and around your home are often very toxic. These chemicals need to be used carefully and ideally by someone with the proper training and years of experience to ensure they’re applied correctly and safely. The chemicals are neither safe to touch nor breathe in for too long.

The other reason is some of the insects themselves are dangerous. This includes bees and hornets. Some hornet and bee attacks can be deadly if you do not handle the situation properly.


This is pretty straightforward. Electricity is extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be messed around with unless you are 100% certain you know what you are doing. If you have any doubt, we recommend you hire an electrician in California. The cost saving of doing the job yourself won’t come close to covering hospital bills if you are electrocuted during the project.


You need to be very careful when working on a roof. You will have limited balance and one false move can lead to a very serious injury. The other reason to hire a professional roofing company is to ensure your roof is insured by your home insurance provider. If something happens and your provider discovers you did not hire a professional for the repair of the roof, the odds are the damage will not be covered.

Carpet Installer

If you just bought new carpet you know it is not cheap. Don’t you want to be positive it is installed correct to get the most out of your investment? If carpet is installed wrong it will deteriorate quickly and often leads to carpet bubbling and frays. The same theory applies to hiring a professional carpet cleaner in California.

Your carpet is simply too expensive not to ensure it receives professional installation and routine cleaning from a local company. Amazing Care Chem-Dry explains why hiring a professional carpet cleaner is so important.


Your furnace requires annual maintenance checks and routine repairs in order to ensure it performs at its best and is safe for your home. If your furnace produces dangerous gases it can be very bad for you and your family. A furnace is a major investment that needs routine audits from professionals in order to ensure it functions correctly and safely in your home.

It’s OK to hire a professional for some home repair projects. We hire professionals for our home all the time! The more projects you complete on your own the more money you have to hire companies for some of the services we listed above.