Health Risks of Cleaning Products

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Maintaining cleanliness in your home and office premises is of utmost importance. It is not only to keep the place clean and away from germs but also to maintain healthy surroundings. But the products that you use for cleaning can be dangerous for your family and can even affect brain development in children.

Hence it is not only significant to keep your house ‘clean’ but also ‘green’ by using quality cleaning products. You should always look for labelled products and then invest in those which are certified and safe from all sorts of health hazards. Here are some of the health risks which these cleaning products can cause

Respiratory irritation: The cleaners contain some artificial components which give them sweet smell but contain powerful solvents which can cause respiratory irritation and can even cause lung cancer. The artificial smelling agents which we eventually smell are not a healthier choice for our lungs. Ammonia is one of those artificial components and is really harmful for elderly people with breathing problems and people suffering from asthma.

Damage to liver and kidney: Some cleaners contain butoxyethanol which can cause sore throat when inhaled. If the quantum of this component is high then it can also lead to diseases pertaining to pulmonary arteries and severe damage to liver and kidney. Window cleaners especially have this component because of its high cleaning properties.

Skin rashes: You must already be aware as to how chlorine can cause severe tanning and also lead to rashes on your body. Since chlorine is present in almost all the water sources to prevent the water from bacteria, it can cause chronic and acute health risks. It can damage your skin and also act as respiratory irritant. So before putting chlorine while bleaching the clothes, think twice. Use chlorine free and oxygen rick bleach powder so that you can protect your family from these acute risks.

Cancer or hormone disruption: Many all-purpose cleaners contain such agents which can cause problems like cancer and hormone disruption. One of the compounds is believed to reduce sperm counts in men. These harmful and toxic ingredients in the products are inhaled and thus get mixed up with the blood which harms the entire structure of the body. It has been concluded by many researches that one-third of substances used for increasing the fragrance of the product are toxic.

Eyes Burning and choking: Acidic commode cleaner, drain cleaners and kitchen grime cleaners can cause burning sensation in eyes and skin and if ingested then they can choke your throat and oesophagus like no other. They contain toxic substances which cause indoor pollution and are thus harmful for you and your family.

This proves that cleaning agents which we believe and assume are safe are dangerously toxic. So switch to eco-friendly cleaning products as there are wide array of products in which you invest to keep your home sparkling and sweet smelling. You can use diluted vinegar instead of using artificial cleaning agents and search for other home-made cleaning solutions which are safer and more natural.