How to Pressure Wash Siding

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pressure wash siding

There are several DIY home projects for the exterior of your home to improve its curb appeal. You can plant a garden or a tree or even install new siding. To install new siding requires either a lot of money or a lot of time.

The good news is you can renew the color and cleanliness of your home’s siding by power washing or pressure washing it. This will also help to extend the lifetime of the current siding and delay the need for new siding.

This project only requires 2-3 hours depending on the size of your home and your experience level with a pressure washer. Here is how to pressure wash siding to increase your home’s curb appeal:

The Tools You Need:

  • Pressure washer
  • Siding detergent
  • Safety goggles

First you need to prepare your home. This means you should use your garden house to spray water on the plants and trees surrounding your home. This ensures that if any of the siding detergent comes into contact with your plant life it will rinse off immediately.

Now you can prepare the pressure wash for the project. Pressure washers come with different nozzles for different cleaning projects. Start with a low-pressure nozzle for spraying the detergent onto the siding.

You want to be sure the detergent is specifically designed for siding. Start at the bottom of your siding and use a horizontal motion working upward toward the roof of your home. Spray the nozzle about 12 inches away from the house and then let the detergent sit for 10-15 minutes before you rinse it.

Now it is time to rinse the vinyl siding. Remove the nozzle you used to apply the detergent and replace it with a 25-degree nozzle for higher pressure. If you are rinsing cedar or wood, use a 45-degree nozzle.

The entire process shouldn’t require much more than a couple of hours to wash and wait for the siding to dry.

Now stand back and delight in your clean, beautiful siding.