How to Use a Chainsaw

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A chainsaw is a great tool. You can use one for cutting down trees in your yard and trimming branches and other outdoor projects. The downside of chainsaws is that they’re very dangerous tool. You need to know the proper way to use a chainsaw to be 100% safe at all times. Learn how to use a chainsaw and maintain one in this helpful post from ODC Home Care Services:

Before you ever turn on your chainsaw you should read the manual from the beginning to the end. The tool is complicated and you will want to understand all its features. Because of the dangers involved in using a chainsaw, you want to be sure you understand all its features.

You should always follow the safety recommendations from the manufacturer. If you have questions the manual doesn’t answer, visit the manufacturer’s website for more information on how to use they’re model of chainsaw.

You need to wear the proper clothing and safety gear when using a chainsaw too. This includes safety goggles, ear covers, long pants, gloves, steel-toe boots and a hard hat if possible. There will be debris from the wood flying around and you don’t want it in your eyes or striking you in the process of cutting down a tree.

To start a chainsaw with a cold engine, lay it on flat ground. Then push the chain brake forward until it engages. Pull the choke control out to the “ON” position and press the decompression valve a couple of times. Then press the primer bulb four to six times.

Place your left hand on the main handle and then place your right foot in the rear handle for stability and support. Now pull the cord one or two times and push the choke in. Pull the cord again then squeeze the throttle quickly to disengage the high idle of the chainsaw. To stop the chainsaw, just turn “OFF” the ignition switch near the rear.

For cutting with the chainsaw, grab the front or top handle with your left hand and the rear handle with your right hand and lift the chainsaw. Get in position with your legs spread apart for stability and pull back the chain brake. Then press the throttle to start the saw. The chainsaw will cut best when the engine is running at full power.

You want to cut using the backend of the saw and not the front. If you cut with the front end of the saw, kickback can occur and that is very dangerous. Safety comes first at all times when using a chainsaw.

You want to cut at waist level. Never cut with the saw above your shoulders. Don’t cut to close to the ground either. This can also cause kickback. You should also position yourself to the side of chainsaw when using it. Don’t stand directly over the blade.

You can cut upward or downward with a chainsaw depending on your current needs.

You should regularly maintain your chainsaw. Inspect the bar often and clean it. Check the air filter often too and clean and replace it if necessary. Also ensure the throttle and chain brake work correct.

If the saw needs to be sharpened, disconnect it from the chainsaw first. You should sharpen the blade regularly for the chainsaw to perform at its best. You will need to replace the blade entirely after you have owned the chainsaw for awhile.

We hope this post provided the information you needed to understand how to use a chainsaw. Good luck and please be careful!