Tips to Ensuring an Organized and Clean Kitchen Countertop

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The kitchen countertop is one of the key features in your kitchen space and is mostly used when preparing food. If you have kids, this is the place they are most likely to sit as they do their homework or just watch you as you prepare the food. It may also serve as a place where you guys gather for entertaining during weekends.

You realize that it serves more than just one function hence the need to ensure it’s always clean and well organized for aesthetics and your family’s health as well. Here are tips that will help you ensure a functional, clean and well organized kitchen countertop.

Refinish your Kitchen Countertops

The more you use your kitchen countertops, the more they wear and start looking old. It doesn’t matter if you’ll use the best cleaning products available, understand that a worn and old looking countertop cannot come back to life again. You don’t have to worry about replacing your countertop since you can consider a cheaper option of refinishing it. The cost of refinishing your countertop will depend on the type of finish used but it will cost you less that replacing the entire countertop.

Know your Countertop Material

It’s always important to understand what material you’re dealing with so that you can be sure of the best solutions that will effectively clean the countertop. There are different cleaning solutions each designed to work on a specific material. Most cleaning solutions might work with a glass countertop but this might not be the case with laminate countertops and ceramic tile countertops. There are precautions to be observed when cleaning these materials as well.

Come up with a Maintenance Schedule

No matter the material of your countertop, you need to maintain and take care of its look and cleanliness on a regular basis. Come up with a maintenance schedule that will help you clean your kitchen countertop regularly and deep clean it at least once every month

Consider using Natural Solutions

If possible, use natural cleaning solutions rather than commercial solutions. This will ensure a clean kitchen environment that will also protect your family’s health. You can prepare your own cleaning solutions using essential oils, vinegar and baking soda.

Don’t allow spills to settle

As much as you’ll always want not to spill anything on your countertop, understand that spills are bound to happen. The problem is not spilling that food or liquid on your countertop. The main problem is allowing the spills to sit. Always clean up all spills promptly.