Types of Caulk

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You will need to use caulk for several different types of home repair projects.

There are several types of caulk available for purchase and you want to be sure to use the right kind for the particular project you are completing.

You will also need to purchase a caulk gun before you will be able to use the various caulks from this post. You can purchase a caulk gun at your local hardware store or online. It is a must-have tool for amateur handymen and DIY enthusiasts and it isn’t very expensive to buy a new model.

Here is a list of some of the various options for caulk:


This is arguably the most common caulk used for general home repair purposes. The caulk is made of acrylic latex. You use this caulk to cover small holes in drywall or on wood. You spread the caulk onto the surface and then let it dry in 1 hour. You can then wipe away the excess and paint over the caulk.


This a more durable latex caulk good for use outdoors. The caulk is as easy to clean up as latex and will typically last much longer.


This type of caulk is perfect for tile floors and bathtubs and showers. You spread the caulk directly over the tiles and the grout and then wash away the excess after it dries and settles.


We recommend this type of caulk for showers and bathtubs. This caulk creates an extremely tight seal and is mold-resistant. You cannot use this caulk on wood or drywall though and it is difficult to clean up when you are done with the project.


This caulk is used for concrete and pavement repair. You squeeze mortar caulk into cracks and gaps in pavement and concrete for a fresh seal. The caulk is flexible and durable for outdoor use.


We recommend this caulk for use around plumbing and electrical wires. Apply this caulk to woodwork frames and interior construction frames to prevent flames from occurring near or around insulation and wood construction.